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Valuation Enhancement For Small Business M&A



We exist because most small business owners don’’t properly plan to realize the full value of their efforts through a sale of their business. Our knowledge and hard earned experience will bring you more money and greater value making the selling process quicker and easier for you.
what we do
For companies with revenues between $300,000 and $2 million we will increase the value of your company now.
We increase the number of companies a broker will sell.
We Guarantee full price offer or your money back.
We decrease the time to close
We decrease the due diligence issues.
Our Success Process
We assess the the client company, market and industry.  Completely review financials and produce a Strategic Exit Solution that supports the valuation.  This valuation is typically 25% greater than the brokers opinion of value.  This non intrusive process takes one month and in completely confidential.  We prepare companies for a successful sale.
Brokers & Partners
We do not sell businesses.  We find value in client companies now and package them for sale quickly and at a greater price.  Our clients range from companies currently listed with brokers to companies considering selling in the next three years.  Brokers are our main source of clients because we make our broker partners successful.  Call us today to discuss how we can make you successful too.




When we develop an exit strategy we provide a written guarantee that your business will receive a full value Purchase Offer within one year of listing. Guaranteed.