On Purpose

Giving Back

We believe that all things are owned and controlled by God.  So we give back a portion of our gross revenue to local charities.  Sure there are people in need all over the world and supporting efforts to feed, clothe and educate them is important.  But there are people in need in my neighborhood and we choose to provide for them first.  Our outreach is the children and families and the next generation and the next and for eternity.  We would be happy to discuss how and why we give.  OH, and if you’ve read this far let me define a portion – 10%.  Yes, we give 10% of gross to charity because we believe in putting God’s work before the tax man.  Think about it…

Company Mission

Our mission is to transform how businesses owners grow their companies beyond themselves by developing a customized success plan through an engaging yet simple non intrusive process.  We do this because we believe every company deserves continued success.

Company Vision

We will be recognized nationally for transforming small business ownership through valuation enhancement.

Company Values

Loyalty to Purpose

Driven by a firm yet flexible process

Clarify & Verify

Provide a conversation of critical insight

Encourage innovative risk  

Have joy in the process  

Pride in our collective accomplishment  

Diligent stewards of God’s provision